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Product Design

UX UI Design
Product Workshops
Design Sprints

From ideation to production

Whether you are looking for some UI design guided by expert knowledge of UX or a full product design process we can work with you to get your site into production. Our product design process starts with research and stake holder involvement, through to prototyping and testing with users. If you would like to chat to us about UI/UX or product design then get in touch and we can get the wheels in motion.

Web & App Development

Next.JS & JamSTack
Javascript web apps
Native Applications
Wordpress & Shopify

Digital experiences built that users love

At Putty we are experienced in using lots of technologies to build out experiences. We preference the modern ways of using headless CMS, graphQL and Next.JS but have lots of experiences building out native apps, Wordpress and Shopify sites as well. We believe truly in using the technology that will work best for our client's experiences.

3d Design

Product Renders
Motion Design
3D animation

The creative potential of 3D design

3D design is out the forefront of modern technology. It's uses are becoming more and more all the time. We can create 3d renders of your future products digital or physical. Motion design ties into working with product designers to perfect interactions, or if you just want some stunning additions to your brand pack (like our putty puffs) then get in touch.

Prototyping & Testing

Social Media Ads
Landing Pages

Build fast, test, iterate and repeat...

Prototyping & testing is at the core of perfecting any experience for users, digital or not. We create rapid prototypes of clients products and execute small or extensive user research using a variety of research methodologies. Testing an idea can be as simple as a Figma/Framer prototype and gorilla testing or a larger process with screened users, using a coded prototype.

Who we are

Founded in 2017, Putty specialises in digital product development.
We have assembled a team of the planet's best developers and designers, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service and results. Our extensive experience has allowed us to build successful partnerships with leading educational institutions and create innovative solutions that are tailored to their needs.